Dear LT Youth Lacrosse Families,

I hope everyone is staying safe, entertained, and sane during this period of change.  By now I’m sure everyone is getting settled in a new routine and finding a new normal.  I’m sure there are many questions regarding the lacrosse season and what it looks like moving forward. Needless to say, it is changing daily and rapidly.  I’ll let the LTYL board address those matters directly with our community, and our steps forward over the next few weeks.

The purpose of this page is to give resources to our lacrosse families to keep the players developing while at home. I’m sure many kids are bouncing off the walls so within this email are activities and developmental resources to get some energy out and continue their development.  This is just a start and should get any player through at least the next two weeks. I will continue to send out emails each week with other resources and ideas, as well as videos that may be fun for the kids to watch.  I will also create a resource center on our website for quick access to everything I send out, look for that to be finalized by the end of this week.


We want to congratulate our “Spring Thaw” winner, Grayson Johnson from our 1st grade team.  He got a staggering 10,707 reps in the month of March. Great work Grayson!

I think it’s pretty amazing that 2 of our top 3 finishers were Bantam players Grayson and Luke Jardeleza, both getting over 10,000 reps in a month.  Outside of our very first challenge these are the 2 highest totals this entire year. That’s absolutely crushing it for those little guys. Great job boys and way to step up.  My older boys, let’s see what you got! I’m still looking for our first Lightning winner this year, who’s it going to be?

The April Challenge is posted on the SNYPR app, so get on the wall today and knock it out. It’s titled “I’m Stuck at Home/No Excuses Challenge”

Below is a reminder on how to sign up for each challenge.

  1. Make sure to download the SNYPR app for your phone
  2. Create an account and join the LT Youth group by using the code 76925
  3. Once a member of the LT Youth group you should have access to the I’m Stuck at Home/No Excuses Challenge.
  4. To log reps for the I’m Stuck at Home/No Excuses Challenge make sure to select “I’m Stuck at Home/No Excuses Challenge” and select the play button.
  5. Make sure to attach the phone to player’s upper right arm correctly.

CLICK HERE for WALL BALL Challenge Details


Attached is a sample workout schedule with some suggested drills.   These are good for any age level and can mostly be done on your own with the help of a parent or sibling.

The sample drills listed, and the accompanying drills worksheet should be good to get you through 2 weeks.  It’s important to remember you don’t need to do a hundred different drills. Find 10-12 you like that cover all the skills you need and get really good at them.  Sometimes the simplest drills are the best drills no matter what age you are.

When skill building, it’s not about being able to do a bunch of things at a mediocre level.  Get really good at a couple things and then start to increase your tool box from there. Get really good at the basics first.  When you think you’ve mastered them you haven’t; so keep working on them, but start to add in more.

On the calendar I also listed wall ball workouts and when they should be done, in conjunction with your 3 positional workouts.   Obviously, this will vary depending on the player’s schedule but it gives a good outline. I’ve also attached the wall ball workouts for each grade level.

Finally, on the calendar I added a list of great college games to watch from this past year.  They can be found on ESPN watch, LSN, or Big 10 Network. Watching high level lacrosse is one of the best ways these kids will learn. They need to watch as much lacrosse as they do college football and basketball.



I have also included a document with extra resources you can use if you are looking for new ideas.  The idea of this is to send you to places you may not typically look for information. It’s got great info for older more experienced players as well as younger players.   It also has more goalie and Face Off specific information.

There is a ton of online content for these kids to watch and a lot of it is bad and can actually be detrimental.  So, I’ll send out information I approve of and it can lead you to other good sources.

Other Resources Guide


Lastly, I want to see what the kids are doing.  So, video your son(s) doing drills, wall ball or anything lacrosse related.

Post them and tag them to:

LT Youth Twitter (@LTYLAX)
Instagram (@laketravisyouthlacrosse)
Facebook (@laketravisyouthlacrosse)

Keep the community alive and motivated!

This is enough information to get everyone started and keep the development going.  While we are incredibly disappointed not being able to get the boys on the field with their teammates, it doesn’t mean their development and passion for the game needs to stop.

Please, if you have any questions on anything I sent out or want feedback on your son’s technique, don’t hesitate to email me or call me. Right now email may be the best way to get a response. Like many of you, I am now a full time teacher as well as working full time. Therefore, at night is when I’ll have more time to respond to our lacrosse families.

Everyone stay safe and keep studying, education never takes a break!