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How do I register my athlete to play in Fall or Spring Season?
Sign-up is done on-line and for Fall typically begins in August and Spring begins in early to mid-November. The link can be found  on the left side of th ehome page and Fall or spring programs on website. Please see Registration tab for further details.
What is included in the registration fee?
Aside from the general expenses for running a not for profit corporation and its lacrosse operations, for Boys lacrosse, uniforms, either jerseys, shorts or both, will be given to each player to keep.
What equipment is required?
Please see equipment required under the Lacrosse Equipment tab of our website
Where can we purchase equipment? 
The widest selection in Austin is at Lacrosse Unlimited, on Capital of Texas Hwy (loop 360) @ FM 2222, (512) 732-0002. They have knowledgeable staff and carry starter package for new players.
What is the money used for?
Lake Travis Youth Lacrosse Association is a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to provide the infrastructure for youth lacrosse in its local area. All funds go to towards the maintenance of the corporation and to cover the expenses associated with fielding multiple lacrosse teams.  These expenses include, but are not limited to, rental fees for the fields, field and team equipment, insurance, website, stipend for coaches as necessary, uniforms, etc.  Any remaining funds are invested back into the corporation and its lacrosse operations.
Can new, inexperienced players join the league?
Yes! Every team in the league will have at least a few new players who have never played before. The Bantam and Lightning players will almost all be new to the sport. Even at the 8th grade level, new players are welcome and encouraged to sign up. Lacrosse is a game that incorporates the skills of many other sports so just about any athlete can find a place to contribute regardless of how long they have been involved with lacrosse.
How many players on a team?
In the Boy’s league, Lightning Divisions and higher are played with 10 players on the field at a time. An ideal team size is 16 to 18 players. Substitutions are frequent, and there is a lot of running. Exact team size will depend on the number of registrations and resources available. Bantam Division is played with six players on the field at a time.


How are the Boys allocated?
CTYLA/CAPLX allocates players to each division by school grade. There are four divisions.

  1. Bantam Division: Grades 1-2
  2. Lightning Division: Grades 3-4
  3. Junior Division: Grades 5-6
  4. Senior Division: Grades 7-8

Who operates the corporation and its operations?
The corporation is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and some select advisors.  Almost all of the field operations need to be executed by volunteers.  For this reason, it is critical that one reviews the Volunteer tab under Program Info on our website.
How can I volunteer?
There is question in the registration to designate your desire or willingness to volunteer.
Can my child pick the team he or she wants to be on?
No. During registration we will ask what school the player attends and will provide an opportunity for other comments.  However, we cannot guarantee team placement or requests.
If I register my player, is he/she guaranteed placement on a team?
Not necessarily.  Fielding a team is dependent on the following: 1) having the appropriate number of players register, 2) having the necessary volunteers for each team, and 3) having enough resources such as coaches and field space.  Although in the past most of these requirements have been met, even if at a minimum, we will not know for certain what we have to work with until registration opens. Please see Registration tab for more details.
When does the season start?
Fall Season starts in late October and Spring season starts in  late February.
When does the season end?
Currently, the the fall season ends in mid December and the Spring season is scheduled to run through mid-May.
When and where are practices held?
All teams will practice at various Lake Travis ISD fields, Mostly the Middle school fields. Practice times will be dependent on coach’s schedule for each team, however, the initial intent is to have the Boys practice either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Generally, Junior and Senior Divisions practice two day a week.  Bantam and Lightning teams practice at least once a week.
When are games played?
Boy’s games are primarily played on Sunday afternoon but Saturday afternoon games are possible.

Where are the games played?
In previous years we have rented the fields at the Hudson Bend Middle school and/or Lake Travis Middle school Stadium and Upper fields for our home game fields and half of the games will be played at home. The other half will be played at the home fields of other youth lacrosse teams in Austin that we play against. For ideas as to who these Boys team are, please visit the CTYLA website,
Why is there a difference for the boys and girls? 
Girl’s lacrosse is played quite different from the boy’s game, at all levels up through college. The girls' game involves very limited physical contact and less equipment, somewhat like basketball or soccer. The boys’ game is played more like hockey.
The rules are according to U.S. Lacrosse Rules with some variations as decided by the CTYLA/CAPLAX