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LAX Equipment Requirements

Boy's Equipment Requirements

US Lacrosse Equipment List for Boys Lacrosse

1) Regulation lacrosse stick

  • The crosse (lacrosse stick) shall be an overall fixed length of either 40 to 42 inches (attackmen or midfielders), or 52 to 72 inches for defensemen, except for the goalkeeper’s crosse, which can be 40 to 72 inches long. The head of the crosse must be 6.5 - 10 inches wide, except a goalie’s crosse which may be 10 - 12 inches wide. The pocket of a crosse shall be deemed illegal if the top surface of a lacrosse ball, when placed in the head of the crosse, is below the bottom edge of the side wall.           

2) Lacrosse Helmet

  • A protective helmet, equipped with face mask, chin pad and a cupped four point chin strap fastened to all four hookups, must be worn by all players. All helmets and face masks should be NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) approved.   

3) Shoulder pads

  • All players, with the exception of the goalkeeper, must wear shoulder pads. Move your body all directions as you try it on to make sure it's comfortable in all areas of motion.

4) Arm pads

  • All players except the designated goalkeeper shall wear arm pads. Not too tight, but don't let them be loose enough to fall up and down your arm. Most elbow pads are adjustable and are secured with Velcro straps, so sizing is general in terms of body size.     

5) Lacrosse gloves

  • All players are required to wear protective gloves. The cutting or altering of gloves is prohibited. All players on a team must wear gloves of the same dominant official team color unless safety reasons require a different color glove to be worn. Specialized goalkeeper gloves may be of any color.    

6) Mouth guard that attaches to helmet

  • All players shall wear intra-oral mouthpieces of a highly visible color during play. The mouthpieces must cover all upper-jaw teeth

7) Cup and supporter

1) Cleats
2) Rib pads

Goalie equipment also includes the following:  goalie stick, chest protector and throat guard.  Unlike other positions, the goalie may also wear soccer or hockey shin guards.  If your child would like to play goalie and you have specific questions about the equipment needed, please contact your child’s coach.

For the safety of all involved, only players with required equipment will be permitted to play.  Please be sure that your child has these items for all practices, scrimmages and games, or he will not be permitted to play.

League Stick, Stringing Requirements

In 2014 CTYLA opted to implement the new NCAA stringing requirements for the Senior Division (7/8) only. In 2015, CTYLA will enforce this rule for ALL divisions.  This rule requires that all strings be within 4 inches from the top of the head and prohibits a “V” or “U” shooting string.  A diagram can be seen below.

In addition, in 2015 CTYLA will enforce at the Senior Division that all heads must be NCAA compliant or Universal.  NFHS heads will not be legal at the Senior level.  Starting in 2016, heads at ALL levels must be NCAA compliant or Universal.  Below is also a diagram that shows
the difference between the heads.  When buying a new head, make sure it is marked or designated with an “X” for NCAA or “U” for Universal.